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The Vehicle Underwrite service for private individuals

Motor-Link is changing the way private individuals sell their vehicles. This unique trade underwriting portal has been designed and developed by the motor trade for the general public. Our aim is to take away the hassle of selling your car, a common problem for many people.

Motor-Link works for the customer by producing the best possible guaranteed offer to purchase a vehicle. It is a simple straight forward transaction with a completely secure payment system. We can even collect anywhere in the UK, within 48 hours of acceptance.

What's more... it's so easy to use, simply enter the vehicle details, answer a couple of brief questions about the condition of the vehicle and you will then receive a guaranteed, no obligation offer to purchase the vehicle by email within minutes.

Paying for your car is simple, we transfer the funds directly into your bank before one of our vehicle collectors will leave your home. The money is cleared and is by far the safest option to sell your car. If your car is on finance that also is not a problem as we can settle any outstanding finance agreements.

Don't want to use the computer?

Online Underwrite

Simply enter the vehicle details to obtain a quick, no obligation underwrite offer. Your vehicle underwrite will be emailed within 5 minutes.